Monday, 9 April 2012

Mercury Painting by Nic de Groot - Part 1

Hi everybody, it's Nic.

I have been working on a large painting for the store and thought I'd post about the process so far. I am working on a Winsor & Newton Deep Edge Artists' Canvas (which we have on sale). I primed it with Certified Artist Gesso (also on sale) and cover one end with ripped strips of Acid-Free Masking Tape. I applied several chaotic splattery washes over the tape with Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints thinned with Mantagna Acrylic Gloss Medium (liquid) and water, using mainly dioxazine purple, pthalo blue GS and a touch of cobalt teal. Oh, and I used a dash of PearlEx Macro Pearl pigment so it would shimmer a bit. I then sealed the wash layers with Mantegna Acrylic Matte Gel Medium.

 So, that was the first phase of my project. With the under-painting well established I began looking for a image of my 'Mercury' figure. I will post more on the project soon. Stay tuned :)

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